1968 - Student Protests

1968 Student Protests

1968 Student Protest

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Forty years ago, while demonstrations, sit-ins, and student activism were sweeping the nation's campuses, Northwestern was home to a notable moment of its own.

From May 3-4, 1968, a group of African-American students, organized by For Members Only and the Afro-American Student Union, occupied the school's business office at 619 Clark Street, to protest what they characterized as the school's lack of response to an April 22 set of demands to the administration.

This was the first time the administration was faced with this type of student action and it would go on to have lasting impact, particularly in the push for an African-American studies department and increased African-American enrollment.

Although the events of 1968 are summarized in the secondary sources (Williamson & Wild, Pridmore, the timeline) we like to make primary sources available so viewers can construct their own interpretations.

Take a look at some photos, listen to audio recordings, and sample a few gems from the archives.


If you have further materials related to the 1968 Bursar's Office sit-in that you would like to share, please contact University Archives.

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