George W. Ball [1909-1994]

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George Ball was born in Des Moines, Iowa on December 21 1909, and moved with his family to Evanston when he was eleven years old. Ball earned both a bachelor's degree in 1930 and a degree in law in 1933 from Northwestern University. After completing his studies, he began his long career in public service when he joined the Farm Credit Administration. Ball later held positions in the Treasury Department, the Land Lease Administration, and with the Strategic Bombing Survey during World War II. As a law partner of Adlai Stevenson, Ball worked on Stevenson's 1952 and 1956 presidential campaigns. He served under John F. Kennedy as Undersecretary of State, and in 1961 advised against sending U.S. troops to Vietnam. Ball resigned from State in 1966 to join the investment banking firm of Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb. He was nominated by Lyndon B. Johnson to the post of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. Ball left the ambassadorship in 1969 and returned to Lehman Brothers, where he served as senior managing director until his retirement in 1982. He died in 1994.

Ball giving a speech George Ball