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Chemistry at NU

Northwestern Chemists in the Archives:

  • Fred Basolo (1920-2007) Papers, 1941-2006
  • Robert L. Burwell, Jr. (1912-2003) Papers, 1931-1986
  • Malcolm Dole (1903-1990) Papers, 1924-1990
  • Vladimir N. Ipatieff (1867-1952) Papers, 1867-1967
  • Irving M. Klotz (1916-2005) Papers, 1937-2005
  • Herman Pines (1902-1996) Papers, 1935-1996

    Ipatieff Ipatieff Honorary Dinner Invitation Ipatieff Rotating Autoclave
    Irving Klotz Fred Basolo Malcolm Dole
    Basolo Certificate Herman Pines and Vladimir Ipatieff  

    Further Reading on Northwestern Chemistry:

  • Dole, Malcolm. "History of Physical Chemistry at Northwestern University 1930-1969" [NU Archives]
  • Hurd, Charles D. "Development of Chemical Research at Northwestern From 1920 Into The 1940's" [NU Achives]
  • Vilensky, Joel A. Dew of Death. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 2005. The story of Lewisite, a chemical weapon developed by Northwestern professor Winford Lee Lewis while working with the U.S. chemical warfare services during World War I. [NUCAT]
  • Chemical History in Chicago Website

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