The Leopold and Leob Case

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To coincide with the April 2009 exhibit presented by the Northwestern University Library and the talk given by Simon Baatz, author of For the Thrill of It: Lepold, Loeb, and the Murder that Shocked Chicago, the Archives is featuring artifacts from its collection related to the famous Leopold and Loeb murder case.

The artifacts are drawn from the Harold S. Hulbert papers. Hulbert, in conjunction with Karl M. Bowman M.D., conducted lengthy psychiatric and physical examinations of Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb. The Archives' holdings include the write-up of these evaluations, the full confessions and statements by Leopold and Loeb to the authorities, photographic copies of check receipts, examples of handwriting, and examples of typewriting. The photographic copies appear to have been used as court evidence. Also included are the original ransom notes written to Jacob Franks concerning the kidnapping of his son, Robert.

In addition to these papers, the Archives invites you to listen to an interview with Leigh Bienen, senior lectuer at the School of Law and director of the Chicago Historial Homicide Project, in which she discusses the case. More information on Leopold and Loeb can be found in the Chicago Historical Homicide Project's interactive database.

Further Reading and Listening:

Envelope with Instructions to Mr. Franks
Instructions to Mr. Franks
Rental Forms for the Murder Car
Ransom Note Envelope
Ransom Note, Page 1
Ransom Note, Page 2
Cover, Psychiatric Evaluation
Cover, Confessions and Statements
Handwriting Samples

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