It's No Longer News to Us: HIV/AIDS Educational Materials from Nigeria


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Northwestern University Library will mark World AIDS Day on Monday, December 1 with the opening of a new exhibit: "It's No Longer News to Us: HIV/AIDS Educational Materials from Nigeria."  The exhibit showcases diverse media currently being used in Nigeria to raise consciousness about HIV/AIDS, with examples that were collected by Patricia Ogedengbe during her recent stint there as a Fulbright Scholar.  Ogedengbe, who is a librarian at the Melville J. Herksovits Library of African Studies, says, "There are more than 250 different languages and dialects spoken in Nigeria, and not everyone can read and write in English.  So communications are often non-traditional there, through visual means like posters or tee-shirts, or the plots of dramatic television shows." The exhibit's title, she notes, is determined by a grim fact of the contemporary African epidemic.  "HIV/AIDS is no longer news to anyone there," she says.  "The reality behind these materials is, 'We live with it, we know what it is, here's how we combat it on a daily basis.'"

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Last updated December 8, 2008