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Main Exhibit Space:


 HIV/AIDS in Africa

November 18, 2002 - December 30, 2002

An exhibition in support of World AIDS Day and to raise awareness of the efforts that Africans themselves are taking to slow the devastating AIDS crisis. (From Northwestern University News Release, November 18, 2002.)

 Langston Hughes: Poet & Troubadour

October 14, 2002 - November 15, 2002

Poetry and music are sister arts, and nowhere is their affinity more marked than in the work of the most celebrated African-American poet of the twentieth century, Langston Hughes. 2002 marks the centenary of his birth in Joplin, Missouri on February 1, 1902.

 connect@thelibrary - New Student Week Exhibit

September 9, 2002 - October 11, 2002

Stone Eye

August 5, 2002 - September 6, 2002

Richard Taylor, Kentucky's former poet laureate, and Gray Zeitz, letterpress printer and publisher of Larkspur Press, have produced the collection of poetry, Stone Eye. Canadian artist Wesley Bates was invited to cut wood engravings for the book.

Two editions of Stone Eye were printed. Six hundred copies were printed on Mohawk Superfine paper and fifty-five on dampened Biblio. Some were hand-bound by Carolyn Whitesel and are offered for sale. Thirty-one copies of both editions in sheets were hand bound by Guild members for the 2002 Midwest Chapter of the Guild of Bookworkers exhibit, which will travel from March through December 2002 throughout the Midwest, including the Guild of Book Workers' Standards of Excellence 2002 at Minnesota Center for Book Arts.


 Chicago Hand Bookbinders

June 3, 2002 - August 2, 2002

This annual Northwestern exhibit highlights current work created by members of the Chicago Hand Bookbinders. Books on display range from traditional fine bindings to offbeat alternative book structures.

 Inspired by Science: Jane Marcet & Michael Faraday

April 1, 2002 - May 31, 2002

Jane Marcet and Michael Faraday represent two different aspects of the scientific outsider in the early 19th century. Michael Faraday was initially excluded from science because of his class, and due to his lack of formal education he never felt comfortable with mathematics. Jane Haldimand Marcet was very wealthy, but as a woman she too was excluded from a scientific education; eventually she became the author of several famous introductory textbooks. Both were much influenced by lectures they were able to attend at the Royal Institution, and Faraday later became the greatest scientist of the Royal Institution. In early 1810, Faraday, a bookbinder's apprentice, read Marcet's Conversations in Chemistry, which influenced him to become a chemist. This exhibit celebrates the 194th anniversary of that momentous encounter.

 Outside of Main: Collections of Other Northwestern Libraries


Galter Health Sciences Library

February 18, 2002 - March 31, 2002

Most people on the Evanston Campus are familiar with the concrete towers of the Northwestern University Library and the collections housed within. Equally familiar are the gothic spires of the revivalist Deering Library which sits adjacent to its younger sibling. What remains less familiar, however, are the other smaller libraries, physically separated from Main, that contribute to the diversity of the university's scholarly resources.

Subjects such as law, medicine, science, and religion are well represented outside of Main, and greatly enhance the library's general collections in the humanities and social sciences. The exhibit "Outside of Main: Collections of Other Northwestern Libraries" showcases five of these smaller libraries and highlights the strengths of their individual collections. Featured are selected items from the Galter Health Sciences Library, the Pritzker Legal Research Center, the United Library, the Joseph Schaffner, and the Seeley G. Mudd Library for Science and Engineering.


 Recent Gifts to the Northwestern University Library

January 2, 2002 - February 15, 2002

An annual exhibit of recently acquired books and other information resources, which acknowledges and thanks the donors whose generosity has made these acquisitions possible.

Other Library Exhibit Spaces:


 Holiday Gifts from GovPubs

December 9, 2002 - January 16, 2003

All of these gift ideas are books held in the Government Publications and Maps Department (GovPubs), and all are available for purchase online or through mail order.

The Nuclear Age

October 12, 2002 - December 7, 2002

Music Library

Don Roberts: A Tribute

This exhibition is presented in honor of Don Roberts and his thirty-three years of exceptional service to the Music Library at Northwestern University. The items on display exemplify his expertise in composing this extraordinary collection.

Special Collections

The Commercial Mr. Blake

September 24, 2002 - December 21, 2002

In this exhibit we show numerous examples of the commercial work of William Blake (1757-1827), including illustrations for Edward Young's Night Thoughts, Robert Blair's The Grave, and the amazing set of Illustrations of the Book of Job.