Hogarth's Aesthetics

The following prints are not available on-line due to copyright restrictions. All the labels have, however been provided for individuals who may have other access to the prints, or who are interested in the development of the thematic section.

Title The Analyst Besh-n in His Own Taste
Artist Paul Sandby
Date 1753
Medium Etching
Location The Newberry Library

The widely celebrated artist and graphic satirist, Paul Sandby, launched a series of vitriolic responses to Hogarth's Analysis. Here, Sandby satirizes the points put forth in the Analysis through his inclusion of grotesque forms (such as the hunchback) which are based upon Hogarth's line of beauty. The text key at the bottom of the print details each element of the satire.
Title The Combat
Artist Anonymous
Date 1762
Medium Etching
Location The Newberry Library

Two artistic camps face off. Hogarth leads his fellow antagonizers of a contemporary artistic society. He appears as Don Quixote (a reference to the Analysis of Beauty, plate 2, fig. 75) as described in the key: "An Engl: Knight Errant mounted rampant descended in a waving line from Don Quixote de la Manche."

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