Reading the Body: Physiognomics

Plate X
Industry and Idleness,<BR>Plate X
Title Industry and Idleness
Plate X, The Industrious 'Prentice Alderman of London, The Idle one brought before him and Impeach'd by his Accomplice
Artist William Hogarth
Date 1747 (reprinted 1822)
Medium Etching and Engraving from Drawings
Location The Charles Deering McCormick Library of Special Collections, Northwestern University

Idle is pleading for mercy from Goodchild, the Alderman of London. As Goodchild has become wealthier over time, his mannerisms have become more affected, and less indicative of genuine emotion, similar to those displayed in Marriage à la Mode. Idle, on the other hand, is earnest out of desperation, the victim of his accomplice who testifies against him, and his whore who turned him in.


Marriage a la Mode,<BR>Plate I

Marriage a la Mode,
Plate I

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