Politics in Print

The Cock-Pit (after The Times
Plate II

The following prints are not available on-line due to copyright restrictions. All the labels have, however been provided for individuals who may have other access to the prints, or who are interested in the development of the thematic section.
Title The Cock-Pit (after The Times
Plate II
Artist Anonymous
Date 1762
Medium Etching
Location The Newberry Library

On September 27, 1762 an anonymous print appeared, lampooning Hogarth in the pillory with his body curved according to the 'Line of Beauty'. The palette around his neck, inscribed 'A3200 pr Ann.,' is a reference to his salaried position as Serjeant-Painter to the King. The words above him on the pillory, 'here's a soul of a Boot,' make double reference to the boot in the Analysis of Beauty and to Hogarth's alleged allegiance to Lord Bute.

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