Hogarth Reconsidered


Hogarth and the World of Prints: Technical Details

All of Hogarth's prints were created through etching or engraving processes which entail incising lines into a metal plate. Etching involves the creation of lines in the plate with acid, while engraving involves carving lines directly into the metal plate.

In an effort to elucidate and emphasize the technical dimension of Hogarth's prints, this segment of the exhibition presents the etching and engraving of a single plate which represents a detail of Hogarth's Strolling Actresses. This plate and the documentation of its production were created by four of the co- curators of Hogarth Reconsidered who participated in a printmaking course taught by William Cass, a Chicago-based graphic artist and head of the Print Studio in the Department of Art Theory and Practice at Northwestern University.


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