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A Harlot's Progress, 1732
The following print is not available on-line due to copyright restrictions. The label has, however, been provided for individuals who may have other access to the print, or who are interested in the development of the thematic section.
Title Design for a Fan, with Scenes from A Harlot's Progress, 1732
Artist Anonymous
Date 1732
Medium Etching
Location The Art Institute of Chicago

Two months after the publication of Hogarth's A Harlot's Progress, Mr. Gamble, at the Golden Fan in St. Martin's Court, advertised: "Six Prints of the Progress of a Harlot on a Fan, three on each Side, curiously-Engrav'd; wherein the Characters are justly preserv'd, and the whole not varied from the Originals. Printed in diverse beautiful Colours. Price 2s. 6d." (Daily Advertiser, 20 June)


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